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Linear Position Sensor
Product Name:LWH Rod Type Displacement Sensor
Product Summary:

It is a small rod electronic scale with buckling type mounting bracket。

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LWH Rod Type Displacemnet Sensor

A new design concept, built-in high precision trimming carbon film board, no noise pollution output, external guide groove, can effectively prevent the oil dust backlog in the sensor。

The sensor is used to measure and control the system directly and absolutely. Operating range up to 900 mm and high resolution (0.01mm),which can provide accurate linear displacement measurement. The sensor structure design considers convenient installation and disassembly.

Sensor inside and outside the surface of the structure through special treatment, can work under high speed and low wear state. The flexible buffer bearing at the front of the sensor can overcome some minor side stress of the transmission rod and ensure the sensor working normally. Sensor conductive material fixation and structural design ensure that the sensor can work reliably even under the worst conditions.

LWH technical parameter

Installation size

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