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Magnetostrictive and Magnetic Displacement Sensor
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  • Magnetostrictive static level is a kind of high precision liquid level measuring instrument, composed of a high precision magnetostrictive liquid level gauge plus liquid storage tank, liquid level float, exhaust valve, leveling bracket, water pipe an...
  • The resolution of PMR magnetoresistive linear liquid level sensor is better than 0.01MM. It is a very cost-effective product for measuring liquid level. It has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, long life, various signal output met...
  • MR is a flexible soft cable magnetostrictive liquid level sensor with voltage, current and RS485 signal output. The built-in imported waveguide wire is used as a measuring unit, which is processed by DSP digital signal, with high precision, no temper...
  • The utility model relates to an explosion-proof magnetostrictive displacement sensor, which is suitable for complex industrial and industrial environment.
  • MTL4 explosion-proof floating ball type magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, built-in imported waveguide wire, non-contact, high temperature resistance, high precision, explosion-proof, safe and convenient.
  • Magnetostrictive sensors are non-contact and never wear out. It has the advantages of high resolution, high precision, high stability, high reliability, fast response time and long working life. Sensors do not need to be re-calibrated or regularly ma...
  • Split design, can be installed in small spaces, strong anti-interference.
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