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Magnetostrictive and Magnetic Displacement Sensor
Product Name:MTL3(EX) Explosion Proof Type Magnetic Displacement Sensor
Product Summary:

The utility model relates to an explosion-proof magnetostrictive displacement sensor, which is suitable for complex industrial and industrial environment.

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MTL3-EX explosion-proof magnetostrictive displacement sensor universal cylinder built-in magnetostrictive displacement sensor series, effective travel 75mm ~ 4500mm, both ends of the buffer stroke by the customer definition. The electronic part can be disassembled, convenient to install and maintain, and the head with LED display lamp can directly reflect the working condition of the product. MTL3-EX voltage, current, RS485 output. The built-in imported waveguide wire by DSP as measurement unit, digital signal processing, high precision, no temperature drift, no contact, life is twenty years; measuring high temperature of 300C DEG, corrosion resistance, pressure up to 64MPa, can be used in most of the oil cylinder displacement measurement applications.

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