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What are the characteristics of electric lubricating oil pumps?
Release Time: 2020-12-10 16:13:02

    What are the characteristics of electric lubricating oil pumps?

Electric lubrication pumps are mainly suitable for lubrication systems with many points, long pipelines and short refueling intervals. This series of electric lubrication pumps has an oil outlet, which can be used in a single-line distributor system, and can also be matched with an electromagnetic directional valve for a two-line distributor system.


The electric lubrication pump is a vacuum suction double-piston pump (as shown in the figure). When the sliding fork moves to the left, the lower pistons 1 and 2 move to the left, and the piston 2 reaches the limit position under the spring to close the oil. Piston 1 continues to move to the left. At this time, a vacuum is gradually generated between pistons 1 and 2 to suck oil from the oil inlet (the spring force is insufficient here, and the push rod 3 will press the piston 2 to the limit position under the push of the sliding fork. ). When the sliding fork moves to the extreme left and starts to move in the reverse direction, the piston 1 is pushed by the sliding fork to close the oil inlet and continue to move to the right to pressurize the oil, and push the piston 2 to the right side of the oil outlet. The internal grease is driven into the pipeline through the oil outlet. In this way, the two groups of pistons cyclically reciprocate, alternating suction and pressure to continuously inject oil into the equipment through the pipeline. While the sliding fork is reciprocating, it drives the oil pressure plate in the barrel to rotate through the linkage with the dial to press the oil in the barrel into the pump In the body cavity.
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