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2024 Spring Festival Holiday Schedule
Release Time: 2024-1-22 14:07:38

Dear customers and friends,


Thank you for your concern and love for Miran Company.

The Chinese Spring Festival is approaching. Let me, on behalf of Shenzhen Miran Technology Co., Ltd and Hubei Miran Technology Co., Ltd, wish you and your family a happy Chinese Spring Festival! Although we are far away from each other, I have conviction in my mind. I wish your family happiness and blessings forever. May you smile like opening flowers! Wishing everyone would do so!

Kindly remind you that 2th February- 17th February is our Spring Festival holiday. If you have any enquiry or orders, please feel free to contact me before 3th February or after 18th February.

During the holiday, the shipment will be stopped. If you need anything, please call Miss Fu: +86 189 8877 5261. Or send email to


Thanks & Best regards,

Amy Fu

Hubei Miran Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Miran Technology Co., Ltd.

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