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Angle Displacement Sensor
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  • WDD51D4 Angle sensor, penetrating shaft body, stepless rotation, high precision and long life. WDD51D4 Angle sensor effective travel: 0-355 degrees. WDD51D4 Angle sensor other travel can contact us to customize.
  • P6500 Angle displacement sensor Features: Full metal jacket, the spherical bearing and conductive plastic commutation freely, as A kind of high precision Angle displacement sensor, P6500 Angle displacement sensor that is suitable application of vario...
  • I. Product overview and principle MFB-MPSFS2 waterproof and explosion-proof series magnetoelectric encoder is an internal non-contact absolute value encoder to measure the rotation position of the motor. The product adopts the anisotropic magnetoresi...
  • The WOA-D series waterproof magnetoelectric encoder is an internal non-contact Absolute encoder that measures the rotational position of the motor. Absolute angle, can work normally for a long time in 100 meters underwater.
  • The P2500 Angular Displacement Sensor is a small angular sensor with an all-metal housing, spherical bearings, conductive plastic substrate and a elastomically damped sliding brush for easy direction change. Due to its high reliability, long service ...
  • P4500 Angle displacement sensor all metal casing, spherical bearings and conductive plastic freely commutation, P4500 Angle displacement sensor because of its high reliability, long life, excellent linearity, high resolution, high speed movement and ...
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