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Linear Position Sensor
Product Name:LWH2 Mini Rod Type Dispalcement Sensor
Product Summary:

LWH2 Mini Rod Type Dispalcement Sensor with attachment mounting bracket

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LWH2 Mini Rod Type Dispalcement Sensor,Work stroke:0-300mm

1.specially designed for injection molding head control and installation space limited and the movement speed.
2.Compact Structure
3.Long service life. depending on the application, the number of times up to 50 million times
4.Resolution is better than 0.01mm

5.straight out and side out can be choosed.

6.many signal output,such as resistant, current ,voltage and RS485

7.Excellent resistance to shock and vibration.

8.Running speed up to 10m/S

Application:it is suitable for narrow space,such as:Injection molding machine control,Shoe making Machinery, Printing machinery,Packaging machinery,Ship steering,and the plane steering.

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