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Linear Position Sensor
Product Name:KTM Miniature Rod Type Sensor
Product Summary:

KTM Miniature Rod Type Sensor often be used to control plastic thimble. It is with one meter wire and its independent linearity up to 0.05%FS.

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KTM Miniature Rod Type Sensor,woke stroke:0-300mm(other strokes can be ordered)

Universal pull rod conductive plastic film micro series, effective travel 10mm ~ 300mm, both ends have 2mm buffer stroke. The outer surface of anodic treatment, corrosion protection; built-in carbon film board measuring unit, no temperature drift, long service life; with automatic electrical grounding function. Sealed to IP67, a direct line and five core plug and socket output two options, can be applied in most common situations, especially suitable for small installation space occasions; ball head with automatic function of 0.5mm, allowing the speed limit can reach 5m/s.

Note: the product is equipped with 1 meter wire, fixed bracket fixed plate by computer, trimming, high precision, wear resistance.

Installation size:

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