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Magnetic Displacement Sensor
Product Name:MTL4 Explosion Proof Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter
Product Summary:

MTL4 explosion-proof floating ball type magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, built-in imported waveguide wire, non-contact, high temperature resistance, high precision, explosion-proof, safe and convenient.

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MTL4 magnetostrictive liquid level sensor series, effective travel 80mm ~ 10000mm, the lower end of the 30mm buffer stroke, the upper buffer stroke according to customer needs. Voltage, current, RS485 output. The built-in imported waveguide wire by DSP as measurement unit, digital signal processing, high precision, no temperature drift, no contact, life is twenty years; measuring high temperature 300C degrees, pressure resistant, float voltage 1.5MPa, can be applied in the most liquid level measurement applications.

★ Power Supply: +11VDC〜+36VDC;
★ Output mode / voltage analog signal:4〜20mADC、0〜5VDC、1〜5VDC、0〜10VDC(+15VDC〜+36VDC)digital signal:RS485;
★ Load capacity: voltage signal output load ≥1KΩ, current signal output load≤KΩ;
★ Nonlinear error: + 0.05%FS; 200mm maximum error below 100μm;
★ Repeatability error: better than 0.005%FS;
★ Resolution: better than 0.005%FS;
★ Hysteresis: better than 0.002%FS;
★ working temperature:0〜+70℃   -15〜+60℃   -25〜+70℃   -40〜+85℃;
★ Rod material: 0Cr18Ni9 (304) of 316 stainless steel (customized);
★ Electronic warehouse shell material: 0Cr18Ni9 (304) 316 stainless steel (special custom);
★Lead: PVC shield cable (the default length: 1m, can also be provided according to user requirements) (applicable to explosion-proof explosion-proof connector terminal products);
★ Shell protection class: IP68.

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