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Magnetic Displacement Sensor
Product Name:MPM Magnetic Displacement Sensor
Product Summary:

Fisheye joint ends can be installed, or Aluminum Alloy fixture installation, flexible and convenient, high precision magnetic principle.

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MPM (fisheye articulated or Aluminum Alloy fixture) magnetostrictive displacement sensor series, fisheye gimbal mounted on neutral non effective travel requirements, 0 ~ 4500mm. Voltage, current, RS485 output. The outer surface of anodic treatment, corrosion protection; import embedded waveguide wire as the measurement unit, the DSP digital signal processing, high precision, no temperature drift, no contact, life is twenty years; can be used in most applications; fisheye joint has the function of automatic, easy to install, speed limit allowed for 10m/s.

MPM detailed parameters:
1.Effective stroke specification(mm):0-75、100、110、125、150、175、200、225、250、275、300、325、350、375、 400、425、450、475、500、550、600、650、700、750、800、850、900、950、1000、1150、1250;Maximum effective stroke:5000mm;
2.Mechanical stroke(mm):Effective stroke+10mm(Each side buffer 5mm)
3.Output mode:Three wire current type and voltage type、RS485
4.Outlet type:Direct outlet, five core aviation plug, DIN43650 standard 4 pole plug;
5.Independent linearity accuracy (%): 0.05 (output current, RS485); 0.05 (voltage type)
6.Resolution: 0.002%FS;
7.Protection level: IP67;
8.Max working speed: 10m/s
9.Use temperature range:-40~80 Degree.

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